UMTS transmitter, a tool which gives you total control

Published: 17th June 2009
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Among the several possible situations one may encounter during the course of a lifetime, the common man might have to act as a secret agent, to protect his assets or his loved ones (or both) from threats coming both from the outside and from within. Just think about a possible case of adultery suspicion, when one needs to be reassured about his or her spouse's trustworthiness not only with words, but with solid visible evidence. To gather this kind of evidence, your best ally is a miniaturized video bug.

The development of monitoring technologies gives us the opportunity to have, within a few inches size, a complete surveillance package which allows us to monitor a suspect's activities not only by listening, but also by seeing what is going on around the UMTS bug.

What are UMTS bugs, and how do they work? At a first glance, the bug is a small plastic wrap, smaller than a cigarette pack, with a tiny lens and a flexible external antenna. On the inside, it contains a powerful microprocessor, connected to a UMTS-type SIM card, that is, a normal video cellphone card. Thanks to its processor, its activation sensor and the UMTS card, the micro transmitter would be activated automatically as soon as it detects a voice or an event (such as when a movement occurs within its range, or when the car is turned on or off).

Since the micro video transmitter contains a cellphone SIM card, it works just like a normal video cellphone as far as phone calls and SMS are concerned. Therefore, when it gets activated, it will automatically call a preset number, that is, your number. Once you receive this call, all you have to do is answer the phone, and you will be able to listen to and (if the bug is in a UMTS coverage zone) to see what is going on, without being noticed.

The best part about using UMTS bugs is that you can keep the suspect under surveillance, be it an unfaithful spouse or colleague, or a suspected criminal, while being comfortably sitting away from the action zone, and from any possible danger of being exposed.

To change any settings on the micro audio and video transmitter, you can comfortably send an SMS towards the SIM card, and you will be able to enable or disable the bug's functions, such as automatic activation via voice/movement sensor, or change the automatic call settings and so on.

For more information about UMTS bugs, micro transmitters, as well as GSM bugs and a wide array of products for surveillance and privacy protection, you can visit Endoacustica, one of the most reputable operators in this highly skilled field.

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